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Genshin Impact 2.1 Inazuma (Watatsumi Island) Electroculus Location 11-21

Genshin Impact’s 2.1 Version has a lot of hidden Electroculus, which some of them are so hard to find by yourself. Here is the Genshin Impact Inazuma (Watatsumi Island) Electroculus Location 11-21

11.You need lv20 Sakura Tree, take the elctrogranum from the top and glide down

12.Behind the waterfall

13.Complete the Heart of Watatsumi quest and just climb the tree inside the cave once you break the 4 seals to get inside

14.From the waypoint on the east, glide down, and it’s underneath a cliff

15.Down the bridge, behind the waterfall

16.Inside an electro rock


18.Use geo traveler to climb

19.Use E Skill Beido to solve electro compass puzzle

20.Under the cliff

21.Jump off from waverider to reach it

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