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Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus Farming Guide (Ascension Materials For Thoma)_

Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus Farming Routes (Ascension Materials For Thoma)

Fluorescent Fungus is one of the main Ascension Materials for Thoma

This guide will show you the locations easy to farm Fluorescent Fungus around Inazuma.

Fluorescent Fungus can only be farmed in Tsurumi Island for now. Tsurumi Island is an island located at the south of Inazuma. Here are the efficiency routes for farming Fluorescent Fungus.

Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus Farming Guide (Ascension Materials For Thoma) map

These routes will let you collect enough Fluorescent Fungus to ascend Thoma to lv 90 in no time! (Nodes respawn 24 hours real-life time)

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