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Inazuma Cube Puzzle Calculator

Inazuma Cube Puzzle Calculator

Type of Puzzle

How to use:

1. Assign a "number" to each cube starting from 0. Use below video as an example, if there are 5 cubes, the "number" of them will be 0,1,2,3,4. It does not matter you count them from left or right. In this example, the leftmost one is 0, rightmost one is 4, Middle one is 2.

2. Enter the assigned "number" of the cube which is affected by the cube. And seperate each cube by coma.

Put - if the cube is fixed.

Use below video as an example. Attacking cube"2" changes the status of "0" , "2" and "4". attacking "1" changes "nothing"0","1" and "2", attacking "0" won't change anything, then input -,012,024,234,-

3. Then, enter the current status of each cube.

Cube Pattern Puzzle:Enter 1~3 to represent the no. of petal lightened.

Cube Rotation Puzzle:Enter 0~3 to represent the surface of the cube which the pattern is on. Count it in clockwise, for example, left=0, back=1, right=2, front=3

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