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Genshin 3.4 Spiral Abyss Best Team Comps

This page will list the most common team composition of Spiral Abyss (Floor 9 to 12) in Genshin Impact 3.4.
Each of these teams has its own advantages. Therefore, they are not in order of importance because we believe that players all have their own preferred playing styles.

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon : Thorn - Twisted Moon


2023-02-01 to 2023-02-16

Phase 3

The Dendro RES and Electro RES will be decreased by 30 % for opponents that are under the Quickened state . This effect will be removed 2s after the Quickened state ends .

Floor 9
 Ley Line Disorder
  • DMG dealt by the explosion of Dendro Cores produced by characters ‘ Bloom reaction is increased by 125 % . DMG dealt by Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions triggered by characters is increased by 125 %.

Floor 9 First Half
Floor 9 Second Half
Floor 10
Ley Line Disorder
  • When Spread or Aggravate reactions are triggered on opponents , DMG dealt by these reactions will be increased by 75 % .

Floor 10 First Half
Floor 10 Second Half
Floor 11

Ley Line Disorder

  • All characters in the party gain a 75 % Dendro DMG Bonus .
Floor 11 First Half
Floor 11 Second Half
Floor 12

Ley Line Disorder

  • For this floor only , the Ley Line flow will be normal .
12-2 Secound Half – Triple Maguu Kenki Tips
Triple Maguu Kenki is actually fairly easy, This is due to the fact that Triple Maguu Kenki attack with a set rhythm, each of their Elemental Burst is fixed with a 10s CD. Watching the countdown time, every 10s to avoid a powerful attack.
First of all, we lead the Triple Maguu Kenki together, the player correctly grasp their Elemental Burst or dodge skills, stand in the center of them, use AOE to hit them as much as possible!
Compared to version 2.3, now there are more teams that can easily, such as “Nilou Bloom team“.
The advantage of “Nilou Bloom Team” is that Nilou has high HP and survivability, and the team’s DPS will not drop because of dodging their attacks.
In addition, both combinations of
Hutao Vaporize Team” or “Childe Vaporize Team (International Team)” are available.
12-3 First Half – Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network Tips
There are Several methods players can use to beat the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network boss in Spiral Abyss.
1. Raiden Shogun Overload Team(National Team)
2. Cyno Catalyze Team (Yelan/Xingqiu+Nahida/DendroMC+Kuki)
3. Nahida Hyperbloom Team (Auto-tracking)
4. Relies on Brute Force (C6 R5 MainDPS)
This strategy is highly recommended for harder content like the Spiral Abyss.
The boss goes Normal phase > Invisible and separate into 2 cores + 2 constructs > Turn visible again.
Once the boss becomes invisible, use Electro on the cores to remove the boss’ invisibility and bring it into a paralyzed state. After one part is destroyed, the boss will enter a recovery state. A prompt will appear on the screen, instructing people to use Electro on the components.
This can be done by either using auto-target units like Hyperbloom or Yae Miko ‘s Elemental Skill or applying debuff or other visual effects on the enemy.
Floor 12 First Half
Floor 12 Second Half