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Genshin Genius Invokation TCG Cards

Genshin Genius Invokation TCG Rules

Genius Invokation TCG is a tightly-paced, heart-stopping tabletop card dueling game.
Utilize your decks by constructing them around Character and Action Cards, and go toe-to-toe with various opponents at the table!

Roll Phase
You will roll 8 Elemental Dice at the start of each Round.
After throwing these dice, you will have 1 chance to choose any number of Elemental Dice and reroll them.

Elemental Dice
Each Elemental Die is 8-sided and can roll any one of the following 8 elemental attributes: Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Anemo, Geo, and Dendro, as well as the Omni Element, which can be regarded and used as any basic Element.
Various types of actions require Elemental Dice as payment.

Action: Use Skill
During your Action Phase, you may spend Elemental Dice to use the Skill(s) of your Active Character,
which is a way of attacking your opponent’s Active Character.
Defeat all of your opponent’s characters to win the duel!

Action: Switch Character
During your Action Phase, you can spend 1 Elemental Die of any type to switch your Active Character.

Action: Play Card
During your Action Phase, you can spend Elemental Dice to play Action Card(s).
Of these, Equipment Cards can be used to strengthen specific character(s), while Support Cards can be used to continuously provide buffs. Event Cards will immediately take a one-time effect when played.

Action: Elemental Tuning
During your Action Phase, you can discard card(s) to change the Elemental Type of your Elemental Dice.
Each card discarded will allow you to change the Elemental Type of 1 Elemental Die to that of your current Active Character.

Action: Declare Round End
Once you have completed your actions in this Round, you can declare the Round’s end.
The player who declares this first will play first next Round.
Once both sides have made this declaration, this Round is over. Both players will draw 2 cards and begin a new Round.

During Genius Invokation TCG duels, you may Press on the “gear” button to the top right of the interface toread the rulebook.
There, you can view Genius Invokation TCG rules in more detail.

Genshin Genius Invokation TCG Rules Short Version