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Brave Heart  



Brave Heart Overview

Brave Heart is an Artifact Set with maximum 4 star rarity in Genshin Impact.

2-Piece Bonus

ATK +18%.

4-Piece Bonus

Increases DMG by 30% against opponents with more than 50% HP.

Brave Heart Availability

Where to get Brave Heart

Brave Heart can be obtained from the domain Ridge Watch, located at the mountains between Mondstadt and Liyue, and Domain of Guyun, located on the largest island in Guyun Stone Forest at Liyue.

Location of Ridge Watch :



Brave Heart Recommended Character

Brave Heart is mainly used by DPS role’s character. Following characters are recommended to use Brave Heart.

Recommended Characters for 2-Piece Bonus

Applicable to all DPS

Recommended Characters for 4-Piece Bonus

Applicable to all DPS